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Pandit Parashar is a well-recognized professional Astrologer based in California and has been practicing astrology for more than 34 years. He became interested in Occult Sciences and learned the deep mystery of the subject from Seers and Masters who were the official astrologers in court of erstwhile kings and Maharajas in India. His work and predictions are carried on regular basis in prominent nationwide Indian newspapers, magazines, periodicals and on Internet. His careful analysis and systematic approach to Astrology has earned him a respectable place in society.

Manglik Dosha

Planet Mars is considered a fiery planet. It controls the blood pressure and temperament part of a human. If there will be arguments and fights in any family, the marriage may not survive. The placement of planet Mars in anybody's chart in Twelfth, First, Fourth, Seventh and Eighth house makes one Manglik or if the Mars is placed in these houses, the person is suffer from Manglik Dosha or defect. Now let how this Mars will hurt the matrimonial life depends on its location in the chart. If the planet Mars is placed in twelfth house of the birth chart, the native may have extra marital affairs leading to divorce or separation. Now when the planet Mars is placed in the First house, the native can have bad temper, always arguing with life partner or everybody, ready to fight and can even get physical with spouse. Now if the planet Mars is placed in Fourth house of the birth chart, There is no peace or harmony in Marriage. Both are always arguing and fighting and sometimes the fights or the arguments start from kitchen area. This person may not have too many friends either. If the planet Mars is placed in Seventh house of the chart, the health of spouse will suffer and the spouse will have a bad temper and ready to fight all the times. Now if the planet Mars is placed in eighth house of the birth chart, The marriage breaks because of outside influence in the married life, means the spouse may get involved with some one outside marriage or in-laws may have too much influence in the marital life ultimately leading to divorce.

The similar position of the planet Mars from Moon in a native's chart is also detrimental to one's married life but up to a lesser extent. This placement of Mars in Twelfth, First, Fourth, Seventh or Eighth house from Moon is also known aqs CHANDRA MANGLIK. So in case compatibility the Placement of Mars is checked not only from Lagna but Moon also.

People having Manglik Dosha have a major break in relationship or the marriage is called off after engagement and some times they get married early and go through a divorce by the age of 28. In some cases this Mars delays their marriage beyond the age of 28. People who have Manglik dosha are prone to have more than one or even multiple marriages

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